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ANNA MONTANARO was born in Carate Brianza in 1981.

At the age of 11 he attended the free FAL Art Academy founded by the artist Gino Meloni, and then completed his higher studies at the Liceo Artistico Pio XI in Desio, under the guidance of the artist Marcello Maloberti and the sculptor Giampiero Moioli.

  In 2006 he obtained the academic diploma in Art Restoration at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and enriched his artistic and technical knowledge by specializing first in Restoration of paintings on canvas and wood of the '500 and' 600 under the guidance by the restorer Luca Comolli at the PDM Institute of Prato, and later in the Restoration of frescoes and surface stuccos under the guidance of the restorer Giuseppina Suardi and the arch. Elena Gigliarelli (CNR Rome) at the Dedalo Academy of Brescia.

  In 2005 she collaborated with the restorer Prof. Luciana Biliotti, assisting her in the course of ancient paintings she held at the Academy of Fine Arts in  Brera, Milan.  



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40 X 40 tecnica mista 2019 Є1.920

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80 x 80 tecnica mista 2018 Є3.840 Opera finalista al premio RICOH 2019 e pubblicata sul catalogo RICOH

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ANNA MONTANARO artist from Desio, born in Carate Brianza in 1981, when she was very young she attended the free Academy of Art FAL founded by the artist G. Meloni and the Liceo Artistico Pio XI of Desio under the guidance of M. Maloberti and G. Moioli, to graduate in Art Restoration at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. He specializes first in Restoration of paintings on canvas and wood of the '500 and' 600 under the guidance of L. Comolli at the PDM Institute of Prato, and later in Restoration of frescoes and surface stuccos under the guidance of G. Suardi and of the arch. E. Gigliarelli (CNR Rome) at the Dedalo Academy of Brescia.

In 2005 she collaborated with Prof. L. Biliotti assisting her in the course of ancient paintings she held at the Academy of Fine Arts in  Brera in Milan and in 2016 he obtained the ministerial qualification of Restoration Technician.

Finalist in the Awards: ARTE ed. Cairo, 1st Ferruccio Lamborghini Trophy, De Andrè, Ricoh and Osten Biennial of Drawing.

In 2016 he received the Diploma of Honor Premio Arte Cairo ed., In 2017 the 1st Art Prize of the city of Novara, in 2020 the High Artistic Honor in Acri and the 1st Ricoh Prize sez. painting.

Take part in national and international exhibitions. Some of his works are present in private, public and museum collections in Italy, Macedonia and Chile.











The recently undertaken aesthetic language unites photography, printing and painting in a unique way. Functional elements to Anna Montanaro's poetics. They represent the memory in its confused, fragmented and fragmentary being; memory, in its romanticism and sweetness, to preserve it and carry it into the present. 

An introspective search for images of one's own unconscious which, from time to time, emerge from the canvas like a memory trapped in memory. An image that is sometimes blurred and in some cases clear, in which: objects, figures and shapes are mixed, resulting in a dreamlike narration.

The technique used is deliberately ephemeral and latent aimed at emphasizing the narrative and involving the viewer in the search for elements related to him. Scratches and continuous glazes are altered, creating a multi-layered process that gives depth to the narration by “stratigraphic and sediment” the image immortalizing it over time.

Dr. Prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso - Historian and art critic


Anna Montanaro manages to combine more techniques, more philosophies, more artistic languages, more aesthetic languages to create a work that you cannot define in any way except with the personal work of Anna Montanaro.

Anna Montanaro's work moves you, it makes you live a reality you never thought of, it makes you enter a magical world that you never imagined. The real skill of Anna Montanaro - which comes from painting - in this case is in the recognition that in photography is very difficult and is one of the most important successes of an Artist. As you will later see, each work has its own story, each work has its own message, each work means something; in reality they will be "Travel Notes", but they are not travel notes, because Anna represents the whole of humanity, the philosophy of life, the philosophy of civilization, so she goes far beyond the message that she would like to limit by a title that is reductive.

Dr. Prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso - Historian and art critic  


The numerous symbols, alongside concrete images in digital elaborations, allow Anna Montanaro to construct works developed on different levels and perspective levels, which can evoke childhood fantasies and memories or existing visual pasts. Observers are invited to embark on a "journey" between real and unreal, in the dialectical interlocking superimposed on daily needs "equal for all!", Like water. The painter tends, on some occasions, to fill voids, to bring together shapes, objects and people, trying to involve the public in a path of introspection and analysis. The juxtaposition and alternations - between graphic aspects and tones, between lights and shadows - make the represented visions sumptuous. 

(from) Nuova Arte: Review of artists and participants in the “ARTE 2015-2016 Award”, Cairo ed.

  Anna Montanaro pag. 32


Anna Montanaro in her artistic research shows to follow two apparently different approaches that arise, however, from the same sensitivity in the way of conceiving art: as a static vision, according to the canons of a classicizing perfection, or according to a dynamic, contemporary conception. , in which artistic making develops free and active. Certain images, portraits and graffiti studies, look like postcards from the old days with the scent of the beauty of memories and deep meanings, images veiled by a transparent curtain, barely visible, sometimes compact, white, with draperies that fall at the feet of the protagonists like a barrier, almost an invitation to lift it to discover an unknown world. In this first way, Anna Montanaro's art transmits a mysterious nostalgia that envelops and dominates the atmosphere of the works, as if the artist were pleased to relive repressed feelings without compressing the vital impulses, which are consumed in themselves between tacit keyboards of internalized music. Closer to sculpture, this series of works emphasizes the beauty and fragility of being seen according to a statuary perfection: naked bodies posing, in soft, harmonious, sleeping attitudes, sometimes presented from the back, sometimes in torsion, or from the front. , close to an enigmatic form of an archaic horse that stands out for its full-bodied figure. And again a mythological couple, Angelica and Medoro, ready to engrave their love story on the bark of the tree; and faces of melancholy in which expressiveness is concentrated in the intensity of the gaze lost in deep contemplation and immersed in expectation; portraits exhibited in profile in wise silence, as in Siliere, or an enigmatic Ophelia with her face marked in two slightly contrasting parts. Emblematic is the angel with wide wings, kneeling in front of a white river that submerges him like an irrepressible avalanche, a luminous signal, beneficial or just a deceptive disguise that urges submission? Does it express helplessness, prayer, rebellion, enlightenment or harmless yet decisive escape? The artistic discourse continues with a metaphorical flight of butterflies, a constant in the creative imagination of the author, not surprisingly associated with children with their elusive desires that cause the scream of the man-child, or outstretched hands that reach out to take a toy, offer a flower to the symbol of metamorphosis, or representation of the Psyche, migrating souls, complex impulses, transcendent phases to access lively and engaging real life. And we are in the second way, when the creative act gets rid of the reflexive nostalgia of a static classical beauty and focuses on realistic images, a position in which an interest in the social event, in psychology, in the states of mind, forms and meanings of a development of artistic thought that adapts to a constantly changing reality. The protagonists are again the children who stroll with the sweet step of friendship, play hide and seek, or stand in a thoughtful pose next to a labyrinthine portico. It is a lively and coordinated dance in the harmony of movements in which each participant contributes to the accomplished gesture of joy; Urania, the blindfolded young muse of astronomy alludes to an ancestral relativism; various portraits of children with their eyes lit by questions waiting for answers. In an atmosphere of dynamism the tennis players, the great challenge of Wimbledon, an Indian woman at work, witness for a travel notes project are added. The Amarcord or ice cream tram with a precise destination, the racing cars of the agile beauty of Lamborghini, could not be missing in this dynamic vision. A new Sensum chapter opens with strong images linked to the dramatic situation caused by a virus which, due to the violence of the contagion, has changed the course of life in the world. The artist presents it as a symbol of fear, a shape made in charcoal, fitted with a gas mask; then it continues with an elaboration of photographic collage in colors, paint and resin, faces in which we can read fear, loneliness, anger, pain, hope, happiness. As Anna Montanaro herself states, her artistic language is "a moral concept", which on the one hand emphasizes the aesthetics of classical perfection and on the other captures senses and sensations from a current world that she wants to reveal with her art and denounce with objectivity; that's why Anna Montanaro is an artist and at the same time she is a voice! 

Anna Montanaro. “A voice for art”, by Victoria Dragone - Poetess and art critic


Artistic expression is the result of a moment in becoming human, which aspires to record that moment and how it influenced the artist and the universe that contains it. Each work is a piece of its creator, it is a piece of history, which somehow tries to achieve behavioral or simply emotional changes in its contemporaneity. In the work of art nothing is casual, although we think differently, the artist creates with what he has and is aware of his life, his environment and his infinite universal data and tries to guide his doing to obtain a operates with contents, from the conscious and subconscious. We are ephemeral and eternal and just like the work of art which, although it lasts for centuries and millennia, is also ephemeral. The magnificent thing about the work of art is its emotional value, its testimonial and fundamentally cultural value. We know the past of humanity, to a large extent, thanks to works of art. Anna Montanaro dedicates herself to this work and does it with all the inner emotional load that amplifies the evolution of these moments, in which the sustainability of the planet and its environment is an imperative. One of the many possibilities that we have to bear the color of the earth, the color of the sky, the rays of the sun is manifested in it. The development of the green that grows from below, modifying the forms of life in the concrete and iron jungle and reabsorbing us into something more natural, more understandable. The reasons for art must be "listened to", they are not whims or games, they are alert, they are hope.

ANNA MONTANARO - "Sustainability from earth to sky '', © Antonio Guzzo - Art critic


Anna Montanaro demonstrates that she moves very well within a genre of contemporary painting which, combining ancient and modern, uses patterns and matrices of informal origin - in particular, gestures and a sort of dripping ... - to represent a fragment extrapolated from a broader view attributable to the romantic tradition. Remarkable the depth and the effects created on the liquid mass, the vision of this work demonstrates how interesting and valid are the results that can be obtained with this type of research, as it manages to propose new emotions and sensitivities, in a definable context - as it has been acutely affirmed - of a neo-naturalism.

The artist Anna Montanaro has been able to propose an image that has all the air of having been ideally extrapolated from a larger image, to represent in synthesis the stylistic and content characteristics.

  Dr. Amedeo Bigotti - Critic and art historian


The substance depicted in every breath of life: in Anna Montanaro's "Ophelia", every forgetful breath breaks one inside the other, like a living wave. And it is our intimate Face that emerges from the canvas, like a petal returning to the heart that had lost it. The technical, narrative, emotional and conscious stratification brought by the Maker: a warning to the invaluable and intimate mirror of memories, of them mute, throbbing reverberation, and touching and immaculate source.

  Giada Eva Elisa Tarantino - Art critic


2016  DIPLOMA OF HONOR and ARTE AWARD Finalist Cairo editore






2020 Finalist OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWING from Skopje, North Macedonia


2020  DE ANDRE 'PRIZE finalist - painting section






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  •, November 26, 2020



  • THE ART SkyArte participation in the program curated by the art historian and critic prof. GGGrasso. Anna Montanaro at 9:50 am of the link shown.




  • Personal exhibition, Anna Montanaro by the art critic Y. Konsho, Sushi zen, Milan.



  • Personal exhibition, Anna Montanaro, Cascia San Felice, Monza Park, Monza.