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Antonio Castellana, is an art critic, journalist, essayist, curator and TV presenter. Graduated in Art History with a thesis on Giorgio De Chirico. In 2003 he attended the Venturi Art Institute of Modena, correspondent of "Prima Pagina" of Modena, collaborator of "L'Indicato Mirandolese" of Mirandola (MO) and of the magazine Euroarte of Milan. He collaborates with where he teaches art history to students from all over Italy. He collaborates with the artistic sites "Pitturiamo" and "Il sito dell'Arte". Present in the national list of Italian art critics of the Pittart site. Former artistic director of the National Biennial of Painting of Modena, curator of the artistic review "Mirandola-Arte". In 2002 he established the Art Award dedicated to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola in collaboration with the International Center of Culture of Mirandola, in 2003 he founded the pictorial current "Novarte" with the art historian Tiziano Soldavini of Carpi (MO). In 2004 he collaborated with the “Voce d'Arte” art gallery in Camposanto (MO). In 2006 he worked for the “Modenarte” gallery in Modena where, among other things, he presented the very important exhibition of the Cobra group. In 2016 he successfully brought his seminar dedicated to "creativity in art" throughout Italy. He has written for the most important Italian and international artists including Kostabi, Ghelli, Sansovini, Pomodoro, Rapetti, Music, Capogrossi etc. He is the author of three volumes dedicated to art: “A Regola d'Arte”, “The Enchantment of Painting” and “The Wonders of Art” as well as various essays for artistic and cultural magazines and exhibition catalogs. In 2017 he published the National Catalog of Italian Artists in collaboration with the La Feltrinelli publishing house. His scientific activity was mainly oriented to the deepening of Metaphysics and other movements that arose in Europe in the second part of the twentieth century; while in the didactic and informative field it also took into consideration the most important manifestations of modern and contemporary art. Curator of exhibitions and catalogs for public spaces and private galleries, he also includes participation in seminars, scientific committees and national conferences, as well as contributions to exhibitions in public institutions. There are hundreds of articles for the third pages of newspapers: Il Resto del Carlino, La Gazzetta di Modena, L'Informazione, La Voce and Notizie. As an art critic he has collaborated with the most important art galleries in Bologna, Modena and its province, with the Monographic Archive of Italian Art in Milan and with the Encyclopedia of Italian Art. In 2004 he participated as a journalist and critic in the review dedicated to international artists of the art gallery "La Marchesa" in Mirandola. In 2015 one of his critics is present in the yearbook "Il Quadrato", the book-catalog that collects the best Italian artists every year. In 2016 one of his critics is featured in the Arte-Mondadori yearbook in Milan. He also participated in the Venice Biennale, taking care of the critical texts of the Italian artists present at the edition. He has conducted more than 30 episodes with the television program “Percorsi dell'arte” at the Telestudio Modena broadcaster. He is currently in Canale Italia with a broadcast on contemporary art.

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H ow has been the art in Italy in 2020

                                 edited by Antonio Castellana

We have reached the end of 2020, a particularly difficult year from a pandemic point of view, with serious consequences with devastating effects for the entire population. But how did art go in these twelve months of the year? Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the art market in 2020, contrary to popular belief, did well. The market has been able to react and resist thanks to the ability to reinvent itself, to discover new forms, devise new means in which to invest in order to have greater visibility and to propose itself above all by looking at the online. The results were good, with the exception of the two black months of March and April at the start of the crisis. The only negative note was that some galleries have closed, in addition, art fairs and some teleshopping broadcast by television studios have been postponed to a later date. Others have invented the virtual version of the exhibition, obtaining great success with visitors and buyers. On the other hand, some Italian exhibitions have obtained a good turnout of the public in a fractional way. In particular, the cinema exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest exponents of the cinema world, Sergio Leone who, 30 years after his death and 90 years after his birth, was celebrated in Rome at the Ara Pacis .  The proposed path tells the boundless universe of the director who has its roots in his own family tradition. From 20 February to 10 May 2020 at Camera - Italian Center for Photography in Turin the exhibition at  Italian Center for Photography  which told about our past and the roots of our present, as well as the evolution of Italian and international photography of an entire thirty years through the stories and tales hidden in the most significant images of the Bertero Collection. And again, on 24 May 2020 at the Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna, the journey in the lands of the Rasna began with an exhibition dedicated to the Etruscans. The exhibition takes visitors on an itinerary through the lands of the Etruscans and shows how there is not a single Etruria, but multiple territories that have given outcomes of settlement, urbanization, management and economic model different in space and time, all however under the aegis of a single culture, the Etruscan one. Not to mention the very important Raphael exhibition which took place from 3 March to 2 June 2020 at the Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome. In 2020 500 years have passed since the death of Raffaello Sanzio, the exhibition was heralded as an unmissable event for anyone who loves the painter who is the symbol of the Renaissance born in  Urbino . While, as far as auction houses are concerned, there was a real explosion proposing not only contemporary but also ancient art. The very accessible prices when it comes to graphic art or prints or multiples of great historical artists. For example, the largest Italian auction house Finarte did very well, 2020  it was even a year of growth.  The expansion of the customer base is also due to the new headquarters in Milan, the development of new departments and finally the investments that have been made in new geographies, in particular China. In Milan, on 22 October 2020, Finarte inaugurated an important auction of Modern and Contemporary Art. In the section dedicated to the artists of the beginning of the century, some important works by our most renowned masters, such as the  evocative painting by Lorenzo Viani, the Ossessi,  work performed between 1908 and 1909 with strong references to the symbolist and expressionist world of the Alps, an oil on panel and a canvas by  Virgilio Guidi, belonging to his first period, Lady with a black mantle , from 1914, oil on canvas. Also among the paintings, after the success of last May 28 for Finarte in the sale of Rome, with his work Affetti  from 1910,  a painting by Giacomo Balla, Villa Borghese - Erma in Parco dei Daini ,   which testifies, even in the use of materials, the great modernity of its author. For sculpture enthusiasts, an important work of  Arturo Martini, Marinella, a terracotta, unique specimen, from 1921 , exhibited at the third Rome Biennale in 1925. In short, 2020 was a year synonymous with good intentions. In addition to taking stock of what has been done in these 12 months, we need to ask ourselves at this point  the objectives for those who will arrive and leave immediately putting the right effort to achieve them. To do this, it is very useful that the specialists in the sector know how to give the right directives so that 2021 can still offer us a lot from an artistic point of view and recover the lost ground.


Antonio Castellana

Art critic

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It falls within the main objectives of Antonio Castellana to promote art in the  its broadest meaning through the channels not only of journalism e  of art criticism, but especially through the organization of  art exhibitions and ad hoc events for the redevelopment of the territory and the  enhancement of modern and contemporary artistic expressions. There  artistic promotion throughout the lower Modena area is based on  professionalism, commitment, passion and determination.  Antonio Castellana has become a solid point of reference for  the organization of art exhibitions and cultural events also for public bodies e  private, favoring  the inclusion of valid artists in the complex cultural context of our city, giving them great media coverage. Antonio Castellana  introduces talented artists, even unknown ones, into the art scene  Italian. Operating professionally, he takes advantage of the precious collaboration  of operators (fitters, art historians, journalists, publishers,  graphic designers, press officers, organizers), in this way a service is guaranteed  always of high quality to the artists and host structures.