The entire work of art is the daughter of its time and, often, the mother of our feelings ".

Abstract art has been around for centuries, but abstract art that we generally refer to as a new visual language originated around the end of the 19th century. Abstract artists, breaking free from tradition, have used shapes, lines and colors to present a new and bolder illusion of visible reality. The idea was to create an abstract painting that reflected the important changes that science and philosophy had brought to society. Many artists believed that representative art failed to communicate these new ideas and interpretations. Then they began to create a new set of aesthetics, which would show the transcendental realities behind the physical world. Abstract artists feel liberated when they create original works of art, because they can escape realism and produce works of art that are heavily influenced by their mood or current mood. Viewers generally love this style of painting because it can connect with them, usually in a way they don't understand. Therefore, it is fair to say that an abstract painting can promote curiosity and even change a person's mood. Show lines, shapes and colors in a way that expresses emotion. 

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