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Born in Carovigno Brindisi on 2 June 1949. He worked for many years as an interior designer. He is a self-taught artist, he studied and learned from experimentation and expresses himself with his natural talent. Critical comment by Dina Turco on the works of Domenico Lagitudine:

"The works of Domenico Lagitudine, of declared Impressionist origin, investigate the environment from different points of view, thus analyzing the impact of light on the focal point of the representation. The definition and perspective of the paintings with a sleeping view are of particular value. of water, which allow the figure to soar and widen the panoramic view of the surrounding environment. Copious flights oriented on the ornate lines, jagged the vision, to give it an almost natural but never predictable plasticity. Lagleness uses a palette that expresses a luminosity able to tell human feelings, relationships, moods but, above all, pathos. Precisely by virtue of this descriptive function, even before being representative, feelings invaded by nostalgia often distract from the intensity of the chromatic notes of the whole picture and relaunch a respectable pindaric flight. The pounding motion of his horses, while appearing to be a déjà vu, is assembled in an evocative pictorial unicum of great tenor, where motion and power, strength and beauty merge with the evident pawing and gallop that screeches on the dust. From the heavier and more calibrated motion, on the other hand, the family of pachyderms that moves slowly, to the full-bodied trumpet and in its fantastic natural world.  Domenico Lagitudine, in his constant artistic exercise, born without the formalism of a targeted instruction but comforted by an imposing inspiration, shows remarkable compositional skills: the perspective, the depths, the delicate thrust of light, the staid and always excellent tone, the movement that travels on diagonal lines.  An artist engaged in the production and in the detail of the artistic presentation, Lagitudine is a delicate and sensitive narrator, capable of conveying beyond art, but through it, all those human feelings that accompany life. And he does so with great success, describing the moment, the feelings of the character and the reactions of the surrounding landscape, as if it, through the cathartic action of art, were revived with greater vigor and more impetus.  Delicate and precise, as in portraits made with great spirit and likeness, the artist is well received by the viewer, capturing that lightness of representing which is very rare in a world that, today, has chosen to re-present without representing, has chosen the precision of the original trait of the intimate investigation, he married without any limit the formalism that exalts the form to the point of disrupting it, to the detriment of the content which alone makes art beautiful and knows how to combine values with the artist's creative work . "

© Dina Turco - Domenico Lagitudine


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Creativity needs one  guide?


At your place:  January 12, 2021

Author:  Nina's Stories         Written by Graziella Brusa

The creative process is challenging.

For example write  it's a lonely and tiring job.  you write  when you read other authors who are an amazing source of inspiration and teaching.  you write  when you observe people on the street, on the subway, in the office, everywhere. If there were no people from whom the characters would come to life. Not to mention the dialogues. The more experiences you live, the more your language is modified and enriched.  Your world gets bigger.  The more curious you are, the more life you will live and the more you will write about it. A long chain that will take you first outside and then inside yourself. This is, in my opinion, the beginning of any creative process,  be it writing, painting, sculpture, cinema, theater, music  and so on.

All the arts, none excluded,   they represent the divine and eternal spark of every mortal and impermanent human being.

To write,  rewrite,  clean up. Wax on and off, continuously,  until the work is finished. A process  long which, gradually on the pages, becomes clear and brilliant like a crystal. Writing is challenging, painting is challenging, directing a film or a play, sculpting, illustrating, in short, everything that needs inspiration is 100% challenging.

This is why I decided to host the experiences of other people in this creative space  who create something from nothing, or rather from an idea, from a passion,  from a vision,  from a motion of the soul  or from a mixture of ideas that transform and become something else;  a  painted, for example.

I'm curious about  understand the reasons that push human beings to artistic creation  and I asked  Domenico Lagzze, Mimmo for friends, to tell me a little about him:  is a portrait painter and lives in Monza.

the  I had an excellent drawing teacher and my watercolors and my pencil drawings had been exhibited at some small country shows.  A passion which however did not continue  because I'm not  more applied, not having neither the time, but above all the  stimuli.

My professor died and I missed his guidance.

A question drives this post:  The creativity  do you need a guide, courses or masters? Or it is something that comes from the depths, from the soul and that is pre-existing and is expressed without pre-defined limits or schemes.

Here is Mimmo's answer:

"Since I was a child I have had a passion for painting and as a self-taught person, without attending a basic school, such as art school, nor any specialization courses I started  to paint.

I use the acrylic and oil technique to paint landscapes and portraits; I prefer female portraits.

I really like Caravaggio.

Inspiration for me comes from the sea, as you can understand  looking at my paintings.

I don't live by painting, I've done other things in my life and I've never tried to sell at all costs, nor am I interested in the commercial and cultural organization of the sector in Italy.

I continued to paint without stopping; it's part of me. "

As you have understood according to Mimmo     artistic creativity is perceived, it is a  flow  that flows when you compose your art with the chosen material, whether they are words, colors, music.

It is a constant of life, you can only recognize and accept it, sometimes as a curse in the case of  Caravaggio , in fact.

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