It is with great satisfaction that we communicate to everyone that the L'ARTE RIAFFIORA exhibition was a success.
In these summer days of 2021, LA GALLERIA MILANESE has completed an exhibition itinerary with the presence of artists from
various styles and categories. From 18 July to 1 August, artists from Italy and from various countries of the world have
showed their creativity in the field of contemporary art. The theme: the meaning of a renaissance of art after
period of social isolation and detachment and, at the same time, the strengthening of friendship and creativity emerged as
result of this same social condition. Works of art by famous and emerging artists, including paintings, photographs and sculptures,
have embellished the exhibition space in the heart of Brera, in a prestigious district of great historical importance, from
always one of the favorite places for artists. During the fortnight of July, the Milanese Gallery allowed the artists to
exhibit their best works, springing from their deepest soul, in these days of solitude, prison and, above all,
they met to get to know each other personally (or find each other) by looking into the eyes of others, and celebrating the
art that REACTS ..

Via Marco Formentini BRERA.jpg

Via Marco Formentini, 4 BRERA MILAN

Galleria d'arte

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