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What are some ways to discover new arts / artists at the Gallery  Milanese?

There are many ways for our collectors to discover some of the most interesting arts and artists on our site!

Subscribe to our  NEWSletter, which outlines our Chief Curator's choices for the best new arts sent that week.

It also offers a glimpse of the latest curated collections and featured artists.  

View the pages of each artistic style of the Milanese Gallery, which you will find by selecting Collections by category from the main menu of our home page .

EXHIBITIONS - Informs about current exhibitions  and future  exhibitions of artists from the Milanese Gallery.

COLLECTION -  contains our latest curated collections, as well as an archive of past collections.

Why should I become an artist in the Milanese Gallery?

The Milanese Gallery has the main objective of promoting art and increasing the visibility of the Artist and his works for sales, in the Italian and  international. Galleria Milanese seeks to promote a variety of artistic styles (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, illustration) through specialized curators. The only requirement to be present is to have a truly artistic vision.

Buying artwork online has been a sizable business for several years now. In a virtual shop, where there are no physical or geographical barriers, it is possible to sell quickly and comfortably and to expand more and more campaigns to the consumer public at global levels, and it is in this scenario that the Milanese Gallery  offers you  to move forward together.  and live this experience together as one of ours   Artists,  together with great names in contemporary art  Italian.


In this moment of great changes on a global level, the Milanese Gallery is the gallery  tries to project Italian Art towards the future, under the global gaze.  Through a website specifically for the exhibition, discussion and online sale of these Italian works of art, "Galleria Milanese" proposes itself as the brand that strengthens the quality and uniqueness of Italian artistic productions.  With an experience of over thirty years in the cultural field, the dream was born from the need to find renowned artists and future talents in one place and with the excellence of quality.


Can I get individual help finding original artwork?

Yup! You can get personalized assistance from one of our art curators in choosing original works of art in your budget, by contacting us via the form on the " ASK FOR A CONSULTATION " page or by email: info@galleriamilanese.com. We are happy to be able to offer this valuable service for free!

What happens if the artist does not respond to the offer via email?

If the artist does not respond within 72 hours of notification of the offer, the offer will be canceled. If so, a representative from our support team will let you know of the news and offer their free art consulting services to help you find a similar work of art.


Can I return an original work?

LA GALLERIA MILANESE is committed to guaranteeing 100% satisfaction from our art collectors!  Here because,  the returns policy  of the Milanese Gallery  allows you to rethink your purchase and return the purchased item, without having to specify the reason. Upon receiving an original artwork, we will give you seven (7) days to decide whether or not you wish to keep the artwork or return it for a refund.  

See the complete information by clicking on " Returns and Refunds Policy"



See below for information on the steps required for your work to reach the collector safely. These steps include:

Schedule a date for  collect the works of art sold. (The mail must be collected within 2-3 days from the date on which the collector purchased the work.) Galleria Milanese will send the waybill by e-mail to be printed and glued.  on the package.

All original works are sent to the collector directly from the studio  of the artist.

Read the sequence we have prepared carefully to make sure you know how to properly pack your shipping art.


Immediately after the sale of the work, Galleria Milanese will send the waybill and the artist will have to print and paste it on the package.

-In the NATIONAL context (throughout Italy) shipping is free, therefore the shipping cost must be previously added to the price of the work to be published for sale. In other words, the cost of shipping to Italy is already included in the price of the work on the site.

- In terms INTERNATIONAL, the customer will pay the shipping cost. The customer can choose the courier of his choice (listed on the site) as he will pay the shipping costs.  It will be paid by him at the time of purchase of the work.

You, the artist, will be responsible for packing your art for shipping, as well as all packaging costs.


When preparing your work for shipment, you must include a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package to send to the collector who purchased the work. The Certificate of Authenticity  will be sent to you, via  e-mail, from the Milanese Gallery. You print, sign and send along with the job.

Please note that transit time may vary depending on the customer's location. You will see your shipment's tracking number on the label provided by the shipping company of your choice. You can track using this tracking number directly on the carrier's website (e.g. BRT, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.).



Regardless of whether you have sold a small piece of art on paper or a five-foot-eight sculpture follow the packaging instructions because in the unfortunate event of your damaged artwork being delivered, lack of care will cause the customer has the right to return the work and receive a refund. It is extremely important to precisely pack according to safety standards.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure the paint is completely dry  before packing for shipment. Sometimes the ink can feel dry when it isn't. As the drying time depends on factors such as the type of ink and brand, the drying media used (if any), the colors of the ink, etc., the correct drying time should be sought for the specific supplies used.



Materials to be used in the package:


Plastic sheets, plastic wrap, or heavy plastic bag

Bubble wrap

Foam plate with at least thick or two-ply cardboard

Scotch tape

Cardboard corner protectors

Carton box

Step 1 - Wrap the painting on paper handkerchief or similar paper. Avoid touching the paint surface with unprotected hands, wearing gloves or placing paper  between the workpiece and the fingers during handling.

Step 2 - Take four (4) square pieces of tissue paper  20cm x 20cm and fold each in half diagonally to create a triangle, then fold in half again to make a triangular bag. Put a pocket in each corner of the painting.

Step 3 - Place the dry paper in the corners and then wrap it in a sheet of foam cardboard (or two-ply cardboard) the same size or slightly larger than the paint for a solid backing

To be protected from moisture, wrap the art in plastic wrap or place it in a heavy plastic bag. Use duct tape to seal all areas where water can enter and cause damage.

Step 4 - Wrap all work with two (2) layers of bubble wrap for protective padding. Wrap it like a gift, using duct tape to close it.

Step 5 - Place cardboard corner protectors in the corners of the wrapped art.

Step 6 - Place the wrapped art between 2 pieces of foam boards that are at least 2.5cm thick (or two-ply cardboard), forming a "sandwich". Also, the edges of the foam cardboard sheets should extend beyond all edges of the art.  Use duct tape to join the foam board sandwich.  Make sure the sides are securely attached to ensure the art doesn't move from the inside. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the surface of your art.

Step 7 - Place in a cardboard box with approximately three 2.5 inches of clearance on all sides. Fill in the blank with bubble wrap or enough crumpled / torn white paper to ensure the artwork does not move during transit.

It is advisable to use long strips of masking tape to completely seal the opening tabs of the box. Use a long strip of masking tape over the horizontal opening between the two tabs and two strips on the vertical sides of the flaps, forming an "H". Apply additional vertical strips of tape as needed to the sealed tabs for additional reinforcement.

Last step - Paste the shipping label on the package and place the clear adhesive tape on the label so that it is not removed in transit. Using a waterpen, write  "FRAGILE" in large capital letters on the box or use purchased "FRAGILE" labels.


All artworks with 120CM or more on both sides need to be packed in a wooden box.